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Slavic Women Like American Men And It’s Mutual

It seems like American men have a special connection with Slavic ladies - and it is not our assumption, it is a fact that was brought to our office by a team member of one of the most popular US websites for building relationships online.

Mary - an expert of well-known JollyR*****.com - agreed to answer some of our questions on why men fall for Slavic women. It is a special issue because statistically international couples with Eastern European ladies and American men are happy, and such relationships are bound to success.

Let’s discuss whether or not international couples are so happy as dating JollyR*****.com statistic assures. Maria will share some tips on how to attract a Slavic lady as well, so read till the end!

Why was the online platform (JollyR*****.com) you work at created?

Stefania, JollyR*****.com leader and the founder, says that her main idea was to create a place for people to chill and communicate. Of course, when people register on a dating platform, they understand that all the other members are there not just to have a small talk; they want to find a partner; to find love. Yet, still, Stefania wanted to create a virtual space where it will be easy to make new contacts without feeling this whole online pressure. I mean, people usually feel something like “I have to communicate with other people to find my match,” and this feeling usually comes to everyone, no matter how passionately a person wants to meet a partner. Our leader wanted Jolly*****.com to be the site that makes people forget about any struggles and obligations.

People are obliged to be happy, and the design, structure, and inner atmosphere developed by our team will release people from the trap of anxiety, fears, and other negative emotions, if any, of course.

Why are Slavic ladies so attractive to American men?

I have plenty of answers to this question. So many men, so many minds, you know. You will likely hear unique answers if you ask a regular matchmaking platform user what the most attractive features of Eastern European beauties are. Yet, there may be similar answers, and I will provide your readers and readers of JollyR*****.com with them.

Respect to the partner, as well as to themselves

Slavic women are prideful and independent women, yet they still need someone to rely on. However, Slavic brides will never live with an abusive person who mistreats them, and such a strong feature is very contrastive to the feminine and fragile nature of an Eastern European lady. Maybe, it is one of the most attractive things about these girls who are full of contracts, pride, and respect to who they are and what they want from life.


According to JollyR*****.com, Slavic girls’ appearance differs from the appearance of a traditional American lady. I don’t say that someone is better; but, well, something different is what people need when seeking for foreign partner. Long shiny hair, light eyes, and pale skin - these are the typical features of a Slavic lady. There is no surprise why American men who see these features rarely fall for the wheat-blonde curls as lovely as the golden rays of the rising sun.


The women of Slavic countries are quite direct, and this directness may be considered as rudeness. However, a bit cold conversation may happen if you meet a woman in real life and do not know whether or not she wants a new relationship. Girls on those sites like our JollyR*****.com won’t give you the cold shoulder because they are open to the new feelings, so their directness will only help you to know them better.

Respect to education and skills development

Education is one of the essential parts of life in Eastern European countries. People prepare for exams, develop their skills to get a better life in future (if they study good enough to get exceptional skills). Girls are not an exception, and they learn new disciplines and develop intellect with pleasure: that’s how they become interesting interlocutors, wise women, and just great specialists. They are hard-working, smart, and just love to learn something new, so American men usually do not get bored near them.

Can you share your experience as to why Slavic girls want to date American men?

Again, there are tons of possible answers to this question. I will highlight the most popular reasons. You may also read about them at JollyR*****.com.

Attitude of American men to women

I will not say anything negative about Slavic men, but a lot of girls often go to seek a man abroad because of violent or just bad male attitude to them. Well, bad things happen in any country, and American men can be different too, but I’m working with Slavic women who tell unpleasant stories about their past, and who want another life in future. American men are statistically more polite and attentive than a lot of other nationalities, so the interest of girls to them increases with the speed of light.

Financial stability

I should say that green card and money huntresses are rare visitors of JollyR*****.com. They usually register on SugarDaddy or similar platforms. However, any girl wants her man to be able to protect her, not only mentally, but with money as well. Kids, health issues, house issues - they demand money, and Slavic women who are already sick of their tons of responsibilities want a partner who can take at least this responsibility without suffering.

American men care about how do they look

Beauty is a combination of good health and current beauty standards (if I may say so). In other words, men who care about their health with healthy diets or participate in sports are more attractive to all the women, including Slavic ones. On the basis of JollyR*****.com, Fashion to a healthy lifestyle came to Slavic countries not long ago, but girls have always wanted handsome guys who look like Hollywood stars. American men, with their attitude to health and appearance, attract girls from a lot of countries.

Can you share some tips on how to charm a Slavic girl?

The best answer here would be “just be yourself, and she will either fall for you or not,” but I know a bit more concrete tips!

  • All the women adore compliments, so you should say something nice, but do not overdo it.
  • On some sites like JollyR*****, there is a sending gifts service. Use it to please your woman and make her day!
  • Be polite and attentive: Slavic girls appreciate gentleman behavior and attention to details. Ask her how her day goes, how her relatives are, and so on. Show her that you care - it is one of the best and shortest ways to a girl’s heart.
  • Learn some words or phrases in her native language. It would be nice to show your respect and interest in her culture. Moreover, you can even ask your girl to give you some lessons! It will bring you two closer together.
  • Be active, but do not push her too fast. Slavic women are serious and sometimes even reserved ladies, so you should give your girl some time for her heart to melt, and then she will show you her full emotional specter. Then you can go ahead!

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