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Western Men + Asian Women: Love That Seems To Be Impossible

What does love mean to you?

To our today’s guest, love means a lot: he is one of the father-founders of AsianM*****.com, an online dating platform that helps singles meet their perfect partners. This platform is a niche website: it focuses mostly on Asian women and Western men.

Does it seem weird to you that women from the East like men from the West? Well, the statistics show quite interesting things on this topic: for example, by the end of the 90s, there were only a few intermarriages in China, but after several years the number of Chinese marrying foreigners has reached 53,000! And it’s only China: there are the other countries with girls willing to meet men from the First World [1]

We will question our guest a bit and will give you a complete understanding of why oriental beauties are so attractive to men from all over the world, and what makes them seek a spouse abroad.

Why did you create AisianM*****.com?

It was my wife who made me think that people with different cultural backgrounds can live and enjoy everything together (the core of AsianM*****.com philosophy). Well, she wasn’t my wife when I realized that. She was a beautiful young woman with a sincere interest in me. Long story short, I’ve met her at her 25, accidentally. And that bugged me - I was like I’ve met her only by a lucky chance. I wanted people to have another chance - to make their lives better, meet other people, and search for love without counting on the fortune. Fortune helped me once, but I would love to have the possibility to have my life under control and gain happiness with my own hands and give that possibility to other people. When I realized it, the idea to create AsianM*****.com was born.

Are Asian women really as great as the Internet says?

  • They are supernaturally beautiful. Asians’ attitude to the way they look is special: ladies care a lot about the look of their skin, nails, clothes, and hair. I know how it is, to live with a girl having a ton of skincare. My wife looks stunning, and, honestly, I don’t know if it is that skincare, her genes, or love that makes her so beautiful.
  • Experts from AsianM*****.com state that they are smart and polite. Asian culture is strict to people, and especially to women but they don’t complain and tend to develop their intelligence and personal skills with the speed of light. Sadly, not all women gain occupations, respect, and happiness that they want and deserve, but in Western countries, the attitude to women is a bit less conservative and some women find it more convenient to move to the other countries to seek love and success.
  • They are not very talkative but it’s easy to discuss anything with them. Just try to make contact with them. Use popular ice-breakers or say something unique, and you’ll see how simple it is to communicate with oriental beauty.

Why do Asian women actually want to marry foreigners?

The majority of Asian girls want to marry Western men because, well, there are tons of reasons. If I could describe them all, I would spend hours discussing each personal problem or desire of a single woman, so I would be grateful if you let me make my answer short.

Our team often interviews the women who come to AsianM*****.com to find a spouse, and we actually ask them the same question. Their answers surprise us sometimes.

They know what love is and they want to feel it again

Each person who has ever loved will never forget it. You can dive into professional activity, try to fill your life with painting, dancing, or any other creative activity, do sports (and it can work for some time), but you will never replace love with any of the activities I’ve mentioned. Asian girls who register on AsianM*****.com want that feeling to come back to their lives or just want to know what it is to love someone really passionately.

They want more freedom and a different attitude

Even though there are so many successful men in Asia, some women don’t have a great desire to marry them. There are a lot of social rules that women have to follow, and some girls with a modern view on life don’t want to do it (for example, Asians suppose that they should marry quite early). Ladies want respect for their wishes, dreams, and actions, as well as less social pressure. Western men seem to be able to give their spouses more freedom in marriage.

Some people think that Asian girls are green cards and money hunters. Your opinion?

Anything is possible. You can meet a woman whose biggest dream is to be rich and live in luxury, but there are special dating sites for such ladies. People are getting more and more honest - there is no need in lies, because there is a partner for everyone, even for those who are, well, brutally honest and demanding. Again, women who want your money and agree to accompany you in travel usually register on the other platforms and their intentions are pretty clear. I will not give you any guarantees, but the truth is that there always will be ladies who want love and those who need money. You will understand what your woman wants during communication with her: pay attention to the first thing that she is asking for - financial help or your new photo.

Are Asian Ladies great? Yes, if you ask me. AsianM*****.com offers you plenty of possibilities to make contact with Asian beauties, impress them, and arrange the dates with them. I’m not going to assure you that life with an Asian woman is warm and beautiful - I just want to say that it’s real to be happy. I am married and happy, that’s all.

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