Most of our writers are relationship scientists who research the very topics we feature on the site. Our writers are true experts that have intimate knowledge of the types of research that appear in our articles.

The majority of our writers have a Ph.D. and hold positions as professors at academic institutions where they teach about relationships, conduct and publish their own research findings in peer-reviewed academic journals, write books, and serve as reviewers or editorial board members for the major journals in their field.


We understand the importance of relationships and know that increasing knowledge is a key way to help people improve their relationships and their lives. But all information isn’t created equal. The important things in life deserve data, and nothing is more important than relationships. As scientists and educators, we believe that if you really want to know the truth about something, you need research. When we say “research” we simply mean that the best information comes from careful observations and measurements, systematic collection of information from lots of people, and carefully drawn conclusions based on the available evidence.

Our goal is to communicate scientific information in a way that can help readers make informed decisions about the most important parts of their life.